Pokemon Let’s Go: How to get to the main menu


GamingPokemon Let's Go: How to get to the main menu

Pokemon Let’s Go has a heap of features hidden away in the main menu. If you don’t know where to look you’ll end up missing out big time. Follow this quick guide and we’ll show you how to get there in no time.

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To the main menu


To navigate your way to the main menu, simply click the X button. This will bring up multiple options and features to check out. These include:

Play with Pikachu or Eevee – Have some much-needed playtime with your favourite Pokemon

Pokedex – Check out the Pokemon you’ve caught and learn more about them

Bag – Take a look at the items you’ve collected and stock check pokeballs and potions.

Party – Swap out members of your current battle team or check their status

Communicate – Play in coop mode or redeem mystery gifts

Save – Create a checkpoint to continue your game from


Make good use of all these features and you’ll be on your way to earning that Pokemon Master title!