Pokemon Lets Go: How to level Pokemon quickly


GamingPokemon Lets Go: How to level Pokemon quickly

In Pokemon Let’s Go, the highest level your pokemon can reach is 99. However, getting to that point is no easy feat. It can be time-consuming to get a variety of pokemon to max level so you’re ready to face any opponent.

In this guide, we’ll talk you through an easy way to level up your pokemon. Follow along and you’ll have a top level team in no time.

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Battling is a great source of XP as well as money and consumables. Dotted around the Kanto Region, you’ll find a variety of people ready to battle. Be sure to battle these trainers whenever you see them, as they’re a great indication of the level your pokemon need to be at.

If you’re taking this route, be sure to stock up on potions and cures. The opposition won’t go easy on you and you need to be prepared for it.




The easiest way to farm XP is by catching pokemon. Catching more than one of the same pokemon in a row awards you with a combo streak. The higher your combo is, the larger your multiplier will be.

Get a perfect on your first throw with a combo of 10 and you’ll be raking in the XP. Be sure to swap out your team to include lower level pokemon. Once they hit the same level as your main team, bring in weaker pokemon and repeat. Alternatively, focus on 10 unique pokemon that cover all strengths and raise them to the max.

If you’re taking this route, be sure to stock up on pokeballs and lures. By having a lure active at all times, you’re more likely to find multiple appearances of the pokemon you’re focusing.