Pokemon Let’s Go: How to play Co-op


GamingPokemon Let's Go: How to play Co-op

As with most games, Pokemon Let’s Go is far more fun when you play it with other people. Plus, seeing as you only need one joy con to play, the game even encourages you to share the experience with a friend. Follow this quick guide and we’ll show you how to set up co-op in no time.

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The more the merrier


In Pokemon Let’s Go, you have the option to play co-op locally or online. To set multiplayer up, we’ll have to navigate our way to that menu. To do so, click ‘X’ to bring up the main menu. Once there, click on ‘communicate’.

On this menu, you’ll want to click on ‘Play with others’. Here you’ll have the option to play with a nearby play or find one using the internet. Choose one of the options and you’ll be presented with a list of features to play. These include:


Link Trade – Swap your collected pokemon for ones you haven’t caught yet

Single Battle – Battle against each other to see who has the better team of Pokemon

Double Battle – Team up with your friend to take out another duo


Playing with others is always fun, but be careful when playing online. Don’t share any personal details with people you don’t know and think twice before trading away your powerful pokemon.