Pokemon Lets Go: How to transfer Pokemon


GamingPokemon Lets Go: How to transfer Pokemon

Is your Pokemon box on Pokemon Let’s Go getting full? If so, it’s time to transfer your spare pokemon over to Professor Oak. This option can be hard to find but it’s vital to clear out your storage every now and then.

Follow this quick guide and we’ll talk you through the steps. Plus, why not check out our other Pokemon Let’s Go guides? You can find them right here at Pwrdown!

How to transfer


First of all, navigate your way to the main menu by pressing ‘X’. Then click on Party and press ‘Y’. This will take you to your pokemon collection. To find the pokemon you wish to transfer, press ‘Y’ again and sort by species name.

Once you’ve found the specific pokemon, hover over it and press ‘A’. This will show a drop-down menu of options, simply click on ‘Send to professor’. Doing so will highlight the pokemon you’ve chosen and give you the option to choose other pokemon to send. Once you’re happy with your decision, press ‘Y’ and click yes.

Keep in mind that once you’ve sent your pokemon over to the professor, you cannot get them back. The transfer is permanent and the only way to get that pokemon species back is to catch it again.