Portal Knights: How to get Energy Crystals


What are energy crystals in Portal Knights?

Energy crystals are an ingredient in Portal Knights that is used for crafting Vanity items and higher level gear such as Ancient ring of Ice, Ancient Ring of Lights, Ancient Ring of Thunder, Crystallized Fire Longbow, Crystal Staff of Creation, Crystal Cataclysm, Cumulos Storm Set, Chromatic Energy set and Crystal Hardened set. As well as a lot of vanity items for Portal Knights.

You’re able to have stacks of 50 energy crystals in Portal Knights, and they have a sale price of 20 Gold Pieces.

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How to get energy crystals in Portal Knights

Below, we’ll show you two known methods for how to get energy crystals in Portal Knights. If more methods become known, we’ll update the post.

Energy Crystals from Events

The main way to finding energy crystals in Portal Knights are from events. Events will appear on your world map after you have explored at least 4 islands. Some mobs which are known to drop Energy crystals from Events include:

  • Bamboo, Baby and Striped Araktula during the Araktula invasion event
  • Thunderstorm Crystal during the Electro Thunder Storm Event
  • Sandstorm Crystal during the Sand Storm Event

Events can be found on your map, and last for 6 Hours at a time. After this time, a new event will spawn.

Energy Crystals from Farming

By using a C’Thiris Tesseract, you can enter the Tomb of C’Thiris. It requires 10 stone blocks and 1 energy crystal to create. In the tomb of C’Thiris, you can kill Pyr-Utan to receive energy crystals.

You can receive 1-3 energy crystals from mobs in Portal Knights in the Tomb of C’Thiris. However, you will get more drops from coffins that can be found on the walls and floors of the tomb. You can also find coffins on the outside of the pyramid. Make sure to destroy every coffin, as this is the easiest way to get energy crystals in Portal Knights.


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