Portal Knights: How to find Iron Ore & Bars


How to find Iron in Portal Knights

In this guide, we’ll guide you in how to find Iron ore in Portal Knights. Iron Ore is a very useful and important resource (second tier) in Portal Knights. Ores are used to create Misty Armor pieces, whilst they can also be smelted into bars using a Level 3 Furnace. One Iron Bar will cost 5 Coal and 5 Iron ore per bar.

Some uses for Iron Bars include Iron Plate Block, Level 2 Chests which have 16 slots, Classic furniture items, tools including Iron Picaxe and Mining Drills. There are also a lot of weapons in Portal Knights which will require Iron Bars such as Iron Huntsman Crossbow, Iron Cutter, Maul, Scythe, Battle hammer, Crossbow, Great sword and Long Sword.

Finding Iron in Portal Knights by mining

Like most resources in Portal Knights (see Coal), mining is the best and easiest way getting Iron in Portal Knights. There are currently 5 Islands where you can find Iron. These areas are Brackenburg, Witchwater, Ghostlight Mire, Addemoor and Morello Marshes.

Finding Iron in Portal Knights by killing enemies

As well as mining, you can also find Iron in Portal Knights by killing enemies and receiving it from drops. There are 3 enemies who have a chance of dropping Iron ore. They are

  • Frozen Bones: Found in Joren’s Outpost, Mount Meridian, Glimmerglen, Pillars of Parun and Morteheim Guildhall.
  • Corroding Bones: Found in Cape Carvel and Addermoor.
  • Dragon Queen:┬áDragon Queen is a boss in Portal Knights which you’ll encounter at around Level 20. She has the chance of dropping Iron ore amongst many other high tier loot drops.

Portal Knights Dragon Queen
The Dragon Queen in Portal Knights who has a chance of dropping Iron

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