Catching Up with Kingdom Hearts (Part 0)


Thumbnail of Kingdom Hearts 2 opening sequence. Showing Goofy (Left), Sora (center), and Donald (Right) preparing for battle at Hollow Bastion (Known later as its original name Radiant Gardens).

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) pulled out all the stops for our entertainment with a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. This trailer showed familiar characters coming back along with a new world, Big Hero 6. With all these new developments (including by what looked like Aqua turning to the darkness), I found myself struggling to answer a friend’s question. “Who is the blue haired chick with yellow eyes?” I found myself distraught and speechless as to where to even begin. It then occurred to me that not everyone fully knows the story and characters of Kingdom Hearts. Many fans are even found blundered to find out the story does not begin in Destiny Island with two young lads and one heroic princess (spoiler).

Concept art for Kingdom Hearts 3 world Big Hero 6

The Question(s)

So where does the story take place? Who is the blue haired chick with yellow eyes? Why is the Kingdom Hearts lore so complex? Fear not, it is my duty to transcribe the whole history that so far has taken place in the Kingdom Hearts universe that is known to the gaming community. This will be longer than one article can hold, so to help make the entire history so far digestible, it will be in parts with this installment being part 0, the introduction.

??? Who and what are they doing ??? Be on the look out for answers in Part 1 The War

I, the keeper of the key to the history that is Kingdom Hearts will shatter the door to darkness, chain the memories of fate together, and liberate those in the darkness about this fantastical game. Stay logged onto PwrDown for the part 1, The Key blade War!