PS4 Spider-Man: Avengers Tower Location

The iconic tower makes an appearance in the new Spider-Man game on PS4


A neat little Easter Egg that was revealed to be in the latest Spider-Man game is the Avengers tower. That’s right, the iconic tower makes an appearance in New York City in the game world.

Whilst there isn’t much you can do there except explore the exterior, you can unlock a trophy. By scaling to the highest point of the Avengers Tower, you unlock the “Hero for Higher” trophy.

I spent quite a while looking for the tower in-game, as I initially struggled to find it. When I did, I grabbed a snapshot and map location to share! You can check out the location for the Avengers Tower below.

Location of the Avengers Tower

First off, you can find the Avengers Tower in the Upper East Side area of New York City. The image below shows a map view, with the arrow indicating the area just outside the tower. It’s quite hard to miss, as it dominates the skyline.

avengers tower map location
Map location of the Avengers Tower

If you are struggling to find it, here’s a screenshot of the general layout of the tower. You should be able to spot the signature Avengers logo near the top. This logo is visible on both sides at the top of the building, and at the bottom near the entrances.

top of avengers tower
Top of the tower

Unfortunately, the tower doesn’t have any interiors or other interesting features. At least where I’m up to the game anyway. The only thing you can do is scale it.

hero for higher trophy
Hero for Higher trophy

Climb to the very top of the Avengers Tower to unlock the ‘Hero for Higher’ trophy. Even if you can’t explore the building, it’s great to see it in-game.

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