PUBG Mobile: How to add friends and play together


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Playing PUBG with friends has never been easier since the release of the mobile version. iOS & Android players can now play together, no matter where they are. To start doing so however, you will need to add your friends in-game.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how you can add friends, whether they are on Facebook or just using a username. To start, open the friends menu by clicking the icon in the bottom left of the main menu.

Add friends in PUBG

As seen on the image below, you can press the ‘Add Friend’ button to add someone by their username of ID. Heading into the ‘Recent Teams’ tab will show you people you recently teamed up with, in-case you wish to add them. Whilst people already on your friends list will be in the ‘Game friends’ section.

Search for your friend in the box at the top. If you wanted to search for me example, you would type PwrDown, as that’s my name in game. If you want to add someone by their ID, it can be found under the profile section. It’s the line of numbers next to ‘Character ID’.

add friends on pubg mobile
Choose Add Friend on the right

The other person will need to accept your invite before you can play PUBG Mobile together. Once they have, you can choose to play Duos or even Squads. You can even create your own Crew together by choosing that option at the top of the home screen.

To invite friends to play with you, press the invite button located in the bottom left of the main menu. Here, you can invite friends to your lobby!

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