PUBG Mobile: How to change your Avatar & Frame


When you first create a profile in PUBG Mobile, you’re given the default profile picture and frame. The frame is the border which wraps around the avatar.

Which frame you can use is limited, and is entirely based on your current rank. Whether you are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace or even Conqueror! You can only equip a frame which matches your current rank. It’s a way of letting other players know how good you are and how much you’ve progressed.

Whilst new profile pictures can be unlocked for completing certain challenges. From my own personal avatar list, I can see that I have 2 new avatars which can be unlocked. To unlock them, I must:

  1. Kill 10 Enemies in one match
  2. Get 10 Head-shots in one match

How to change your profile picture and frame

To update your icon and border, you need to head to your profile. You can do this from the main menu by clicking your avatar in the top right, next to your username. This will bring up the screen below, where you can see experience, level and some stats like KDA.

Near the top right, there are 2 buttons where you can change your Avatar Frame and your Avatar. Head into each of them to update them!

change avatar and avatar frame in pubg mobile
Under the profile tab, you can find the change avatar tab

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