PUBG Mobile: How to enable Voice Chat & talk to players


A lot of players of PUBG Mobile don’t realise that they can configure the audio settings in many ways, especially the settings for Voice Chat. By default, voice chat is turned on for your team mates, so they can hear you through your phones microphone.

However, you can also enable voice chat for anyone in the game, even if they are enemies as long as they are near you. I don’t recommend this for most players, as it’s possible that you will listen to toxic players who might say rude things!

Enabling & Disabling Voice Chat in PUBG

To enable voice chat for everyone, or just your team, start by opening the settings menu. You can do this by clicking the cog icon located in the top right of the main menu. The red arrow shows the location on the image below.

PUBG Mobile open the settings menu in the top right corner
Open the Settings menu in the top right

Once in the settings menu, choose ‘Audio’ from the buttons on the right hand side. Towards the bottom, starting with Voice Channel, choose if you want to talk to just team mates or everyone in game. Note that players in-game will need to be relatively close to you to hear.

Change the settings for voice chat under the audio tab
Settings for voice chat in PUBG Mobile

Next, you can adjust the volume settings for voice chat. Adjusting the slider to the left will control how loud you sound in-game. Whilst the slider on the right will control how loud other players are. If you want to mute people in PUBG mobile, just put the slider to the very bottom.

Finally, if you want to mute yourself entirely so nobody can hear you talk, untick the ‘Microphone’ tick box. This will prevent your voice being transmitted through PUBG.

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