PUBG Mobile: How to unlock and buy new clothes


After first signing up to PUBG Mobile on iOS & Android, it’s most likely that your character is naked and doesn’t own any clothes. Whilst most clothes items can be bought with BP, there are a few free options available.

Complete Daily Sign-ins

Signing into the game each day will net you some good rewards in PUBG Mobile. Often, it will give you BP which you can use to buy clothes from the supplies section of the store. Whilst it also sometimes offers crates, which can be opened instantly to receive some free clothes.

Daily Missions

From the main menu, hit the missions button located in the bottom right of the screen. Inside are some tasks, which will reset daily. Completing them mostly offer rewards of experience. Whilst the larger rewards at the top of the screen can give crates which offer clothing items as rewards.

Buy crates with Battle Points

The easiest method by far to getting free clothes in PUBG is by opening crates. You can do this from the ‘Supplies’ section in the main menu, where there are usually different types of crates which can be opened with BP. For example, the soldiers crate contains all sorts of items which have a chance of dropping.

Buy crates with Unknown Cash

The final method for earning some clothes in PUBG Mobile would be buying crates with real money. You can purchase ‘Unknown Cash’ in-game, which can be used in the ‘Shop’ section on the main menu. Here you can buy crates which contain some much wanted items!

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