Quantum Break: How To Defeat Paul Serene


GamingQuantum Break: How To Defeat Paul Serene

Quantum Break is an excellent game with a very compelling storyline that actively keeps you engaged throughout your playthrough. While the game is fairly easy, it can throw some difficult sections at you that really test how well you understand the game mechanics.

When you’re playing on Hard, you will definitely need to utilize all the skills you have to make sure you get through the stages without repeatedly dying. Another incentive for you to use those skills is because they look cool and are immensely fun to pull off.

Like some sections, the last one in which you fight the antagonist, Paul Serene, is tough, to say the least. While the fight itself isn’t really difficult, what makes it troublesome is the lack of checkpoints. I’ll now give you some tips on how to make this fight simpler.

Upgrade these skills

If you haven’t spent time upgrading your skills yet, get it done now because otherwise, you’ll have wasted all the time spent gathering chronon. This fight has a lot of striker enemies and that means constantly being attacked from all directions.

To counter that, you should upgrade your Time Shield skill. It offers some serious protection in tight situations and can save you a lot of hassle. The Time Shield offers protection from bullets and also knockbacks enemies who get too close.

Put points in Time Dodge because you will be forced to move around A LOT. Paul will be invulnerable for the majority of the fight and will bombard you with attacks that have a high explosive radius. The 3-Time Dodge upgrade will let you bounce around very easily.

Did I mention that you can die from a single attack by Paul if it detonates too close?

Don’t worry about ammo

There are two ammo backpacks on both ends of the map so feel free to keep shooting at enemies without worrying about ammo. You will want to keep a distance and fight to avoid dying and that means less accuracy. Try keeping close to these bags and you’ll do just fine.

How do I kill Paul now?

It happens in two phases: Eliminate the first enemy wave and then shoot Paul. Eliminate the second enemy wave and shoot Paul again. The End. In essence, it’s really that simple. The fight is only tough because it has the most annoying enemies: Strikers and a Juggernaut.

Once the first wave of enemies is killed, Paul will rant a bit and then start an explosion. The place where the explosion starts can change, so don’t just run into the same corner every time to dodge it. The camera will show where it’s starting from so always run in the opposite direction.

Use Time Rush to run otherwise you will die from the explosion and you will have to start over. After the explosion, Paul will be up on the time machine and vulnerable to gunfire. Shoot him now.

After shooting, another wave of enemies will appear and this wave will have a Juggernaut so be mindful of that. After killing all the enemies, Paul will again do his explosive attacks but this time he will do 3 of them before he can be shot.

Dodge all 3 of them in the same way and then shoot him to finally end this fight.