Raft: Best Settings for Fixing Lag & Increasing FPS


Raft came out recently for it’s first ‘Official’ release on Steam. A lot of new changes came in, with the most noticeable being an end-game, multiplayer and all new graphics.

If you’re struggling to run Raft, or suffering from some lag, you may need to tweak the graphic settings a little bit. In this post, we’re going to run you through the settings. As well as what to change in order to maximise your frames per second and make it run better.

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Graphics Settings for Raft

Thankfully, when you adjust the graphics settings in Raft, it doesn’t look too bad on the lowest. You can access these settings from either the home menu, or whilst in-game.

raft graphics settings
The graphics settings

  1. Resolution: Set this to your native desktop resolution. If after changing the rest of the settings and you’re still lagging, lower it. If you’re on 1080P for example, lower it down to 720p. Only do this if necessary though.
  2. Overall Quality: Change this to Fastest to get the best optimisations possible.
  3. Water Quality: Set to Fastest to have it on the lowest setting.
  4. Texture Quality: Also set this to Fastest.
  5. Shadow Type: You can choose ‘None‘ to benefit the most, although set it to ‘Hard’ if you still want some shadows.
  6. Shadow Quality: Set this option to Fastest.
  7. Shadow Cascades: You can set this option to None.
  8. Shadow Distance: This option is completely up to you, but with all other settings pretty much at none, you should set this to 0.
  9. VSync: Disable VSync to have uncapped FPS. You may suffer some screen tearing with this enabled.
  10. Anti-aliasing: Disabling this option will make edges more jagged, but reduce the amount of resources needed for Raft. So ensure its un-checked.
  11. Finally, you can have ambient occlusion un-checked too.

It’s important to realise that this is the very first version of Raft to be released. It’s likely that developers will constantly work on updates and make it more optimized as it approaches the end of Early Access.

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