Raft Game Guides & Wiki Collection


Raft is a survival game, released on Steam on the 23rd May 2018. Alone or together, build a raft and navigate the sea to find loot. Previously, Raft was released as a free game during its Alpha stages. However, since receiving a full release, a lot of new mechanics and changes where made to the game including Multiplayer Co-Op, Diving, Reefs, lots of new crafting recipes and more.

At the moment, Raft is sitting in an Early Access state, meaning it is set to receive a lot of updates in the future. It will likely be a while before we see a full release, with developers relying on your feedback and ideas on discussion forums.

For now, we have a lot of guides available for Raft, produced in a Wiki-like format below. If you have a problem with any of these guides, let us know in the comments!

Basic Guides

  1. Default controls & how to change them
  2. Destroy floors, walls and other raft objects
  3. Building new objects on the Raft
  4. Increase the size of your base
  5. Best settings for fixing lag and increasing FPS
  6. How to use Flippers & Oxygen Bottles
  7. Crafting an Anchor

Resource Collection

How to find…

  1. Metal Ore & Ingots
  2. Scrap
  3. Copper Ore & Ingots
  4. Dry Bricks
  5. Sand
  6. Seaweed
  7. Vine Goo
  8. Glass
  9. Feathers
  10. Giant Clams
  11. Hinges
  12. Bolts
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