Raft: How to Build Walls, Floors, Doors & Roofs


When you’ve got your Raft set up with Food & Water, you probably want to build a house next. Thankfully, Raft has a pretty good building system due to objects snapping together nicely.

There are a few different design variations that you can choose from when building walls, such as Wood of Thatch. When crafting, you can use the X or R keys to rotate items and structures to ensure it all lines up properly.

Below, you will find our Raft Building Guide. If you want to see some other Raft Guides, check out our content here!

Building in Raft

Firstly, you’re going to need a Building Hammer. You can do this from the crafting screen (TAB or I) on your keyboard. It costs 4 planks of wood and 2 pieces of rope to create.

raft building guide
The crafting menu with Building Hammer selected

Once crafted and inside your inventory, hold the right click button to select the building menu. You can choose to create Foundations (to make your raft bigger), Floors, Roofs, Walls, Pillars, Fences, Stairs and the Repair option.

raft how to build walls roofs
Creating a wall, with all the different building variations

When hovering over an option, you can see some of the design options. Whether you want to build a wall out of wood or thatch, or whether you want to incorporate a window. A single wooden wall will cost you 4 Planks, which is quite a lot at the early game phase.

If you want to destroy something that you craft later on, you can do so by crafting an axe from the same menu we crafted the building hammer. Equip your axe and swing it at a structure to demolish it.

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