Raft: How to Get Bolts


Bolts are another crafting material in Raft, which are very important. They are quite hard to come across, making them a highly sought after item.

Bolts have quite a few uses, with the main being Upgraded Fishing Rods; Hooks; Spears, Antennas and Clocks. If you decide to use upgraded tools (which I recommend), they offer higher durability and increased efficiency. You’re going to need a constant supply of bolts to make them.

Below, you can find our quick guide for where to get Bolts in Raft. If you’re interested, we have more guides available for Raft on our site, here.

Finding Bolts in Raft

There are two methods to getting Bolts, with the first being just finding them. The first place you can check for Bolts would be barrels. These are found in the current, and can be collected with your hook.

raft barrel bolts
Barrel, which has a small chance of providing Bolts

Along with a load of other resources, they have a very small chance of providing you with Bolts. Otherwise, you can search Loot boxes found on islands and other smaller floating rafts.

Crafting Bolts

If you are struggling to find Bolts naturally in Raft, you can craft them yourself using a Smelter. You will need to smelt metal ore inside of a smelter to get ingots.

With 1 metal ingot, you can create a single Bolt. You may need to research Bolts first to be able to make them, by adding metal to the Research Table.

bolts recipe
Recipe for crafting Bolts

Unfortunately, Metal is one of the more rarer resources currently available in the game. It can be found on the edges of islands, relatively deep under water. If you’re going to look for some, I recommend crafting some diving gear such as Oxygen Bottles and Flippers. Use Shark Bait to distract the Shark and keep yourself alive.

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