Raft: How to get Copper Ore and Ingots


Copper is a type of metal that is currently available in Raft. It’s a resource and used for crafting many objects. It isn’t too difficult to find, especially when you have a decent raft base built.

When finding Copper, you will find it as an ore at first. Later on, it can be placed into a smelter to make Copper Ingots.

Right now, the main use that Copper currently has in the Early Access version of Raft is for creation of the Battery. It’s likely that it will have some more uses in future updates, as Raft makes it’s way towards an official release.

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Where to find Copper in Raft

As mentioned above, you’ll be finding Copper as an ore form first. To actually turn it into an ingot, we’ll need to put it into a Smelter. To create a Smelter, you will need 4 Planks, 6 Dry Bricks, 4 Scrap and 6 Nails.

raft smelter
The Smelter, where you can turn Ore into Ingots

When you’re ready to get Copper Ore, you will need to find one of the many islands than spawn inside your world. You can just leave the raft to be dragged by the current, or craft a Sail to steer it towards an island. I recommend that you have some flippers and oxygen tanks ready, to increase your chance of survival underwater.

Once at an island, drop your anchor to ensure it doesn’t float off whilst gathering Copper. You will need to start looking on the edges of the island, similar to looking for metal. It has a brown-like color, and can be quite hard to spot. It looks like the image below.

raft copper ore
Copper Ore on the side of an island under water

When you do find it, use your hook to collect it. Get into melee range, fully charge it and hit the Copper for it to go into your inventory. Take it back to the smelter to turn it into an ingot!

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