Raft: How to Get Dry Bricks


If you’re reading this guide, it’s probably because your looking to craft the Smelter. It’s the only object in the game that requires Dry Bricks to craft. 6 to be exact. The process for getting Dry Bricks in Raft isn’t too difficult. We’re going to show you how in this guide.

Crafting Dry Bricks in Raft

To create a single Dry Brick, it’s going to cost you 2 Clay and 2 Sand. Therefor, creating 6 Bricks is evidently going to cost 12 Clay and 12 Sand.

If you don’t know how to gather these materials, keep reading. Otherwise, you can skip this paragraph entirely. Both Clay and Sand can be found near islands, under water. Connected to islands are ridges, which have small bits of rock on them. A few of these will be Clay and Sand. Use your hook to collect it, by getting to melee range and hitting it with full power.

clay and sand raft
Clay and Sand under water

When you have your supply of Clay and Sand ready, you need to craft some Wet Bricks. Open the crafting menu by pressing TAB or I, head to the ‘Resources’ section and choose wet bricks.

Place the wet bricks down on your Raft, and leave them to dry. Right now, I’m uncertain how long the drying process actually takes. It seems to take around half an in-game day. When the bricks are dry, they will go a light grey color, as seen below.

raft dry bricks
Dry Bricks which can be collected

Pick them up and craft your Smelter!

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