Raft: How to Get Feathers


GamingRaft: How to Get Feathers

Feathers are a crafting item currently available in Raft, and are used to craft a varied amount of items. Some things that you can craft with feathers include Hammocks and Paint Brushes.

Obviously, if you want to do some further decoration and make improvements to your Raft, you’re going to want to paint different areas. Which will require a paint brush.

Right now, it seems that Feathers can’t be found naturally. Instead, you’ll have to kill birds. Below, we’ll run you through a quick guide on where to get feathers and how to find birds. Meanwhile, you can check out some more Raft guides here.

Getting Feathers & Birds

One of the first things that you are going to need to do is craft a Birds Nest. You will need to research it under the research table, which requires a Palm Leaf, Wooden Plank and Giant Clam.

Once researched, you can craft the nest and attach it to a wall on your raft. Birds Nests can be found in the ‘Other’ section in the crafting menu (TAB or I).

raft seagull in a nest which has feathers raft
Seagull inside a birds nest

For now, the nest will be empty. It’s a bit of a waiting game, you need to wait for a seagull to eventually perch up and use it as a nest. If you ever get too close, it will fly away and ruin your chances of getting feathers. Therefor, build the nest somewhere where you won’t interrupt the seagull.

When a seagull does eventually land inside, it looks like the image above. It has a chance of dropping a feather or two after flying off, or you can kill it for its feathers as well as some meat.

seagull corpse drops feathers raft
Seagull corpse, which drops feathers and meat

By killing the Seagull with my Spear (simply by running up to it), I was able to get 6 feathers from pickup up the carcass and 2 drumsticks. Meanwhile, I found one more feather inside of the nest.


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