Raft: How to get Fresh Water to Drink


GamingRaft: How to get Fresh Water to Drink

Raft recently hit the Steam store, and it’s great to play. It feels like a whole new game compared to some of the free alpha versions that where out. Whilst most of the mechanics are the same, many improvements have been made.

One thing that is still the same is how you collect and drink water. Towards the bottom left of the screen, you can see your health, thirst and hunger meter. If your thirst gets too low, your character will die and you could lose everything.

In this guide for Raft, we will show you how to purify the ocean water so that you can drink it. Meanwhile, you can view some more guides for the game Raft here.

How to Drink Water in Raft

There are a few methods to obtaining fresh water in Raft. With the following guide, it’s based for newer players, who are just starting out. First, we will need to build a ‘Simple Purifier’ from the crafting menu.

The cost of building one of these purifiers is 6 Wooden Planks, 6 Palm Leaves and 4 pieces of Plastic. If you don’t know how to access the crafting menu, the default key is TAB. Check under the ‘Food/Water’ section.

raft how to make water
Crafting ingredients for a Simple Purifier

Once you’ve crafted it, the purifier can be found on your hot bar. You will need to place it somewhere on your raft, the position doesn’t matter.

As well as the purifier, you will need to craft a Empty Cup which can be found in the same section. The cost for this is 4 pieces of plastic. Thankfully, it can last you throughout the game.

With the purifier placed, take your empty cup and fill it up with ocean water by pressing E on the sea. Bring it to the purifier, add some planks to get a fire going. You will need to deposit the water into the cup on top of the new purifier.

raft boiling water
The purifier boiling the salt water

Eventually, the water will boil it and make it drinkable by catching condensation on the leaf above and move it to the cup on the right, where you can extract it with your empty cup. Make sure to constantly keep on track of your thirst, as it will drop quickly.

Eventually, you can build an advanced version of this where you can make much more water at once, without having to boil it.

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