Raft: How to get Glass


GamingRaft: How to get Glass

Glass is a crafting material available in Raft, that you have to make yourself. When I say that, I mean that it can’t actually be found. However, making glass is simple, you just require a smelter.

There are a lot of items that require glass to be crafted. The most noted probably being Binoculars and Advanced Purifiers. Binoculars aren’t too important, but you will need Advanced Purifiers to make the water and thirst situation much easier to deal with.

Below, we have a quick guide for how to get glass in Raft. Meanwhile, we have covered a lot more Raft guides on our site!

Making Glass in Raft

As mentioned above, you are going to need a Smelter. If you don’t have one already, build one. It requires Dry Bricks, which you can find out how to make here. With the smelter crafted, we can now proceed to make glass.

First off, you need to collect Sand. Sand can be found underwater around islands, specifically on the ledges where coral and seaweed is. It blends in with the floor quite a lot, so look out for it. You can get into melee range and use your hook to collect it. Below, you can see what sand looks like.

raft sand to make glass
Sand, found under water which can be collected with your hook

Take it back to your raft, you should have collected a few pieces and shove it into the Smelter. It won’t start smelting until you have placed wooden planks underneath to light the fire.

raft how to make glass smelter
Sand turned into Glass in the Smelter

After a minute or so, the sand will turn into glass which you can collect and use however you need!

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