Raft: How to get Metal Ore & Ingots


GamingRaft: How to get Metal Ore & Ingots

Metal Ingots are one of the more rare resources currently available in Raft. It has a lot of uses towards the end of the game, and uses that aid the development of your raft.

Some ways that Metal Ingots are currently used include creation of the Advanced Grill, Metal Spear and Stationary Anchor. All are important objects towards the end/middle of your survival play-through.

There is only one way to find metal in Raft, and we’re going to show you below. Meanwhile, you can check out some more guides for Raft here.

How to get Metal Ingots

First, before you can even think about metal ingots, you’re going to need to craft a Smelter. Creating a Smelter will cost you 6 Dry Brick, 4 Planks, 4 pieces of Scrap and 6 Nails. This is because when you find the metal, it’s actually an ore at first and needs smelting.

raft smelter metal ore
The Smelter

Finding the actual Ore is the difficult part. It can be found at the base of the islands, underneath the water. It can be very tricky to find, and easy to mix it up with Copper Ore.

It’s metal looking, and has a slight tint to it. If you’re going to venture below the water, I suggest you craft some Flippers and Oxygen Tanks. Otherwise you are likely going to die. Metal Ore sits on the edge of the islands base, as seen on the picture below.

raft metal ore
Metal Ore on the side of the island

You can use your hook to collect it, ensure you’re in melee range and charge it up like you would above ground. You will hook the metal ore off of the wall and into your inventory. To turn it into an actual ingot, you will need to place it into a smelter which you should have already on your raft.

You will only get a few pieces of Metal Ore from each island, so stop at every one and make sure to clear it out of any resources.

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