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GamingRaft: How to Get Sand

The main use for Sand in Raft is Wet Bricks, which are later turned into Dry Bricks to make the Smelter. Sand is also required to craft Glass, which has a few uses itself. Glass is used in the creation of an Advanced Purifier and the Binoculars.

If you’re a bit confused on how to actually collect Sand in Raft, we have you covered with our guide below. We have more Raft guides available here.

How to collect Sand

Just like a load of other materials currently available in Raft, Sand can be found under water near islands. You will have to dive down to collect it. Therefor, I recommend you craft some diving equipment such as flippers and oxygen tanks. That way, you can last for longer underwater and reduce the risk of drowning.

Sand can be found on the small ledges underwater, blending in with the ground. The image below shows what sand looks like. It’s quite hard to spot, but it’s the rocky like object just in front.

raft how to get sand
Sand on the ground

To collect it, you will need to use your hook. Either the default one that you start with, or the upgraded version. Get into melee range of the Sand, point at it and fully power up your hook. It should knock the sand out of place and pop it into your inventory.

You will only get a few bits of Sand from a single island, before you need to head to other islands for more. I recommend you collect it every-time you spot it, just in case its needed in the future.

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