Raft: How to get Scrap


Scrap has changed a lot since the Alpha versions of Raft. Originally, it used to float in the water freely, able to either be picked up or collected in a net. It’s slightly different now that the game has entered an Early Access release on Steam.

Some of the main uses for Scrap would be to craft a Simple Grill, Smelters, Research Table, Storage Boxes, Upgraded Tools and different types of furniture. It’s a very important material, and should be a priority early on in the game.

Below, you’ll find a quick guide on where to find Scrap in Raft. Otherwise, you can check out some more Raft Guides on our site.

Where to find Scrap in Raft

The easiest way to find Scrap in Raft would be the same way you do metal, by searching around islands. It’s a guaranteed way to get good amounts of scrap pretty fast. If you haven’t found an island yet, you will eventually. Use your Sail to steer towards them.

You can find the actual bits of Scrap under the water, on the shelves/ledges amongst the coral. It looks like the image below.

raft how to find scrap
Pieces of scrap under water in Raft

To collect it, you will need to use your hook. Either the one you start with, or the upgraded version. Get within melee range of the components, fully charge your hook and hit them to collect the Scrap.

Thankfully, there is quite a lot of pieces dotted around the islands, making gathering them not too much of an issue.

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