Raft: How to get Vine Goo


GamingRaft: How to get Vine Goo

Vine Goo is a crafting material available in Raft. It’s a resource that can’t be found naturally, instead it has to be created.

It’s a very useful material, and you will require it to create an Empty Bottle, Oxygen Bottles, Flippers and Circuit Boards.

With it being used in both the Oxygen Tanks and Flippers, you’re not going to be able to do some deep sea diving without it. Meaning that you can’t get some precious resources easily that you need for late game, such as metal, copper, sand and clay.

Thankfully, Vine Goo isn’t too hard to get your hands on. We have a quick guide below, whilst we have more Raft Guides available here.

Where to find Vine Goo

To start, you need to collect some Seaweed from the Ocean. Seaweed can be found underwater, around islands. It’s a tall spiky looking green plant, you can grab it pretty easily without having a risk of drowning.

The image at the top of this post shows what Seaweed looks like. Once you have collected some, you will need to put it into a Smelter. If you don’t have the Smelter yet, you can craft it from your inventory, costing 4 Planks, 6 Dry Brick, 4 Scrap and 6 Nails.

raft vine goo smelter
Smelter with Vine Goo inside

Place your collected Seaweed into the Smelter that you should have built on your raft. Ensure you have added planks to light the smelter so that it works. After a minute or so, the Seaweed inside the Smelter will turn into Vine Goo, ready for you to pickup.

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