Raft: How to Make an Anchor


One new mechanic released in the Steam version of Raft would have to be an Anchor. Now that there are actual islands to explore, we have reason to put down an anchor so that we can get back to the Raft.

There are two different types of Anchors currently available. One which has a one time use (throwable anchor), and one which can be used repeatedly (stationary anchor). If you’re still relatively early into your game-play, then you are going to need to craft the one-time use one.

Before we get started, we have more guides for Raft covered on our site which may be of use to you.

Crafting & Using the Anchor

As previously stated, unless you have crafted a Research Table, you are only going to be able to build the Throwable Anchor for now. The cost for this is 2 Planks, 4 Rope and 4 Stone.

how to craft an achor raft
Crafting recipe for the throwable anchor

You can build it from the crafting menu. Open the crafting menu by pressing I or TAB and checking the top left under the navigation section. Once crafted, it has to be placed on the edge of the raft, so that the bucket is sitting at the edge.

raft throw the anchor overboard
Pick up the bucket and throw it over to anchor your raft

When your ready to anchor down, pick up the bucket by pressing E, and chuck it over the edge. When your done, you will have to remove it. It will fall in the ocean and be unable to be used again.

Later on, you can craft the stationary anchor. With this anchor, you can raise it or lower it whenever you want by interacting with the handle on the side. This type of anchor costs 10 Planks, 6 Rope, 3 Metal and 1 Hinge. To place it, make sure you have a hole in the foundations for the anchor to drop into.

stationary anchor raft
The Stationary Anchor ready to deploy

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