Raft: How to Make the Raft Bigger


When first starting out on Raft, the size of it is just a 2×2 square. Not really enough space to build at all. Eventually, Sharks will attack potentially taking the size down by 1 block each time.

Therefor, you need to make your Raft bigger as soon as possible! Thankfully, the process is easy and can be done pretty much straight away. Just make sure you have enough wood.

Below you will find our guide. If you want to see more content for Raft, check here.

Building a Bigger Raft

To start building anything in Raft, you need to create a Building Hammer. You can do this from the crafting menu, which can be accessed by pressing I or TAB in game. You can find it under the ‘Tools’ section.

building hammer raft
Crafting recipe for a Building Hammer

Creating a Building Hammer costs 4 wooden planks and 2 pieces of Rope. These items are easy to obtain. Collect Wooden Planks from the Ocean, and create rope by combining 2 pieces of leaves.

Once crafted, equip your building hammer and hold right click. Doing this will open the crafting menu below.

building menu raft create foundations to make raft bigger
Craft Foundations from the Building Menu

This area is where you’ll want to start expanding your raft. Whether you want to increase the size of it or build a house on top of it. To build more Raft pieces, we need to create foundations.

These are located at the top of the menu, and cost 2 Planks and 2 Scrap each. Point at the edge of your Raft, and you will see a green outline where you can now build more floor space.

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