Raft: How to Use Flippers & Oxygen Bottles


There are a lot of resources that need to be gathered underwater in Raft, such as Metal, Stone, Scrap, Clay and Sand. Going underwater can be dangerous, as you can drown pretty easily. Not just that, you are also at risk from shark attacks, constantly.

When you do get round to doing some eventual dives, you’re going to want to have some Flippers & Oxygen Bottles ready to use. These aid you massively, and reduce the risk of you dying! Flippers will make you swim faster under water, whilst Oxygen Tanks means you can breathe for longer and won’t have to resurface as often.

Below, you’ll find our guide for how to craft Flipps & Oxygen bottles in Raft, as well as how to equip and use them. We have more Raft guides available here.

Crafting Flippers & Oxygen Tanks

If you havn’t already, we need to actually craft the two items. Combined, you will require 14 Plastic, 8 Rope, 1 Empty Bottle, 10 Vine Goo and 6 Seaweed.

All of this is pretty easy to collect. Vine Goo and Seaweed can be collected from the Ocean, whilst Rope is crafted from Pine Leaves. Plastic can be gathered from the ocean when it drifts by.

Equipping the items

After you have crafted the Flippers and Oxygen bottles, you need to equip them both for them to work. To do so, open your inventory by pressing either I or TAB. At the bottom of your inventory, you will see 3 slots where items can be placed.

raft items equipped
Interface with diving gear equipped

It doesn’t matter which order you place them in, just put them in any slots. These items have durability, meaning they will eventually break and you will need to create new sets.

Remember, the ocean is still dangerous with sharks around, so chuck in some shark bait to give yourself a bit of time to farm materials!

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