Raft: What does the Future Hold with Updates & Early Access?


Raft got it’s official release on Steam a few days ago, after originally being a free to play Alpha game. With the release of its early access version, many changes made it to the game such as multiplayer, islands, diving, more building options and new mechanics.

Even in such an early state, Raft feels much more polished and fun than other games in the survival genre.

One question on everyone’s mind is what exactly does the future hold? What can we expect to see from Raft in future updates that will constantly add new life to the game.

Of course, it’s pretty hard to talk about this so early into it’s release. If you’re looking to check out some Raft Guides, we have you covered.

Confirmed future updates

In an announcement posted by developers on the Steam forums, they stated that ‘Even though the game is now out and miles better than the prototype in every aspect, development has not stopped. Raft will continue to grow during the Early Access. With the coming addition of more wildlife and equipment, more places to explore and more things to craft, we’ll continue to build on the foundation that we’ve just released.‘.

Since making this statement, an update for Raft (1.01) was already available for download, which contained a new building item. This item is the ladder, and makes a great way to travel between floors on your raft.

raft new update 1.01 ladder
New ladder item, added in the 1.01 Update

I personally am very excited about the prospect of having more places to explore. Right now, the islands seem a little generic and repetitive, but that’s expected with an early access release.

If Raft developers do stick to what they say, I think Raft has the potential to be one of the best survival games out there. It offers something completely different and unique.

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