Raft: Where to find Giant Clams


Giant Clams are a crafting material currently available in Raft. Right now, it seems that its main use is to craft Birds Nests, which Seagulls will lay in. After doing so, you will be able to farm them for drumsticks and feathers.

Unfortunately, Giant Clams may seem difficult to get until you have an anchor going, as you will need to do some diving. You also run the risk of being attacked by sharks pretty much constantly.

Below, you can find our quick guide to finding Giant Clams, whilst we have more Raft Guides available on our site.

How to find Giant Clams

Every time you come across an island, you need to throw down your anchor and do some exploring. On top of islands, you can find seeds, tree’s and storage boxes which usually contain loot.

Whilst if you do some diving, you can find Scrap, Seaweed, Clay, Sand, Metal, Stone and Giant Clams. Clams can be found sitting on the ledges along with all the other resources, and can just be picked up. Below, you can see what they look like.

raft how to get giant clams
Giant Clam underwater

Once collected, throw it into your Research Table to be able to craft Birds Nests. You can usually find around 1 or 2 Clams under water around islands.

If you’re struggling to collect them, I highly recommend you craft some gear such as Oxygen Bottles and Flippers, which will massively help you with breathing and navigating underwater. Whilst before diving down, you should throw some Shark Bait so that you have a bit of time before being attacked.

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