Rainbow Six Siege: Best Strategies for Preparation Phase


GamingRainbow Six Siege: Best Strategies for Preparation Phase

When you play a game of Rainbow Six Siege, you are going to start every round with the ‘Preparation Phase’. The preparation phase allows both teams to give themselves advantages and a team-strategy by setting up and creating plans.

This does mean that both the Attacking and Defending side have very different objectives during this phase. This phase only lasts for 45 seconds, so both teams will need to act fast. 


During the preparation phase, the attacking team starts out using drones. The attacking team uses these drones to find objectives, as well as enemy team members. If a drone spots an objective, it will automatically put a marker on it for the whole team to see. It will also grant the team 50 points.

Attackers can also scan enemies. This requires the drone to stay in place and scan for a full second. If the drone successfully scans someone, which requires the enemy to stay in full view of the drone for that time, they will uncover which operator that player is and they will have a marker placed on their location.

This marker only indicates the position they where at when they were scanned and does not follow them. uncovering the ID of an operator also gives your team 10 points, but it can only be done once per operator. Scanning an enemy will also alert that operator so be careful.

Annoyingly, drones are very easily destroyed with one hit from anything, but don’t take fall damage. Drones are also able to jump, but note that it has a 3-second cooldown.


Defenders have a bigger job in the preparation phase in Rainbow Six Siege. Defenders can set up barricades to block doors and windows. They’ll also have 2 wall reinforcements that can only be destroyed with special operator gadgets. 

Rainbow Six Siege Operator selection screen
Vigil can become invisible to drones

The Preparation phase also gives the Defenders time to set up their gadgets, such as traps and provide upgrades to defences.

During the preparation phase Defenders should also try to take out as many drones as possible. This will help stop attackers from locating the objectives and keep the operators you’re playing as a secret. The more objectives you keep hidden, the more points you earn!