Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Defenders


GamingRainbow Six Siege: How to Play Defenders

Every game of Rainbow Six Siege will have players play on both sides of an operator. These are the attackers and the defenders. Each side also has a unique play-style, operators, equipment and objectives that must be taken into account by the players on each of those sides. 

Rainbow Six Siege Defenders

That being said playing defence in Rainbow Six Siege is almost a completely different game than playing on offence. There are so many options and variables that you need to take into account, so let’s get all of the basics covered. 


The Operators on the defender side have abilities that are built around fortifying their objectives. These have a wide range of applications, from upgrading fortifications, like Mira’s window, to laying down traps, like Frost’s bear traps and having anti assault tech like Mute’s jammer. 

Each operator also has there own Armor, Speed and difficulty stats. These are all things that you’re going to need to take into account when selecting a defender in Rainbow Six Siege.

Generally, armor is good for defenders, as you’re not going to move around too much and if you are; it’s not going to be too far. Therefor, the speed of an operator isn’t that important. There are certain operators, like Caveira, that move around a lot due to their abilities, so take that into account too.


Each team gets its own unique set of equipment that is unique to their side. For defenders, They have: 

  • Barbed Wire
  • Bulletproof Camera
  • Camera
  • Deployable Shield
  • Nitro Cell
  • Impact Grenade

Every defender is also given an unlimited amount of barricades to block doors and windows, but they are easily taken out by bullets. Defenders are also given three reinforcements that make walls unbreakable, except by certain operator abilities. 

Defenders begin every round with extra time to set up defences, but also need to be aware of attacker drones that are searching for enemy positions and objectives. These drones take one hit to destroy but are small and fast, but taking them out is a good investment.