Rapture Rejects: How to customise


GamingRapture Rejects: How to customise

Rapture rejects offers players a variety of ways to customise their characters. Either through rewards or Sinners and winners. With a variety of outfits to try on, be thankful that you can personalise your character at any time. Follow this quick guide and we’ll show you how to look your best while fighting the rest!

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Finding the character customisations screen is easy and you can access it at any time. Starting at the main menu, look for the third option down on the right-hand side menu. It’ll be labelled ‘customise character’.

From there you’ll be taken to the customisation screen where you can personalise your character. Once you’re satisfied, click save. Alternatively, you can change your outfit by clicking on the option at the centre of the screen.

If you’re stuck for variety, simply play more games. You’ll be awarded a variety of costumes and unlocks for taking part and earning tokens. Be sure to click save when you’re finished or you’ll lose your new look.