Realm Royale: Controls and How to Change Them


In this guide, we’re going to run you through all of the different controls currently available for Realm Royale and how to set your own. Each command has a key binding, whilst some are compatible with a controller.

Right now, if you want to change the default controls, you can do so from the settings. On the home screen, choose Settings, then head over to the ‘Bindings’ tab. In here, you can set your own bindings.

controls settings realm royale
Control settings screen

Meanwhile, in the ‘Controls’ tab, you have a few more options to aid you in-game. Here, you can adjust your sensitivity, enable or disable mouse smoothing and change the scope sensitivity.

Default Controls for Realm Royale

Below are the default controls and key bindings that are set for Realm Royale. Remember that you can change these at any time by heading to the options menu. Some of these controls have controller alternatives for if you wish to use an Xbox One controller.


  1. Forward: W
  2. Backwards: S
  3. Strafe Left: A
  4. Strafe Right: D
  5. Auto run: Number Lock
  6. Jump: Space


  1. Mount: Z
  2. Fire: Left mouse button
  3. Alternative fire: Right mouse button
  4. Reload: R
  5. Weapon 1: 1
  6. Weapon 2: 2
  7. Ability 1: 3
  8. Ability 2: 4
  9. Use Armor Potion: G
  10. Use Health Potion: H
  11. Movement ability: F
  12. Emote: B
  13. VGS: V
  14. View map: Hold TAB
  15. Push to talk: T
  16. Crouch: Left control
  17. Sprint: Left shift
  18. Use item: E
  19. Disenchant: X
realm royale key bindings
Key bindings in Realm Royale

The image above shows the controller settings screen. If needed, you can reset the bindings back to the default settings. Make sure to hit Apply after making any changes.


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