Realm Royale: How to Change Your Crosshair

how to change crosshair realms royale

It’s possible to change your crosshair in Realm Royale, both the shape and color. The crosshair is the small indicator in the direct centre of your screen, which determines where you are going to shoot.

Whilst there aren’t a lot of options available right now, there’s still enough to have your own unique crosshair. Maybe one day, we will see a wider range of colors as well as a preview in the interface. Right now, you can only preview the different cross-hairs in-game.

You will find our guide below, meanwhile you can check out some more Realm Royale guides here!

Changing the Crosshair

As I mentioned before, you can currently choose a color and a type of crosshair. You don’t need to use a console or any commands like you do with games such as CSGO. To start, make sure you’re at the main menu, and press the ‘Options’ button.

crosshair color realms royale
The Reticle Color option allows you to change your crosshair color

Head over to the gameplay tab. The top option is labelled ‘Reticle Color’. The presets that you can choose from are White, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple and Cyan.

reticle style and type realms royale
Change the reticle type to change your crosshair style

The next option down is ‘Reticle Type’. Here, you can change the style of your crosshair. You are able to choose from Default, Drop, Precise, Wide and Dot.

When you’re done, make sure to hit the apply button at the bottom to save your changes!


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