Realm Royale: How to Get & Repair Armor

how to repair armor in realm royale

Armor is another mechanic in Realm Royale that works alongside your health. You can check your armor by looking at the bottom left of the screen, it’s the yellow bar. Meanwhile, you can check your health by taking a look at the blue bar.

You should obviously prioritise health over armor, but armor definitely gives you a massive edge. The easiest way to restore your armor would be by using potions, which can be obtained in many different ways. Playing the engineer class will restore 5 armor per second in-game.

Below, you can find our guide for restoring and repair armor. We also have some more Realm Royale guides available here.

Repairing Armor

As I mentioned before, you can restore armor naturally by playing the engineer class, which will restore 5 per second. It’s a useful perk, but doesn’t mean you should instantly play the Warrior class.

To restore and repair armor outside of this, you can use armor potions. They are yellow in color, and look like the image below. You can find armor potions by either searching chests or the bodies of anyone you kill.

armor potion in a chest
Armor potion on the ground in Realm Royale

If you have any armor potions available, they will head into your inventory. Check the bottom left of the screen near the health bar to see how many you have available. The default key for using an armor potion is G.

forge craft potions
Craft potions at the Forge

By heading to a forge, you can also use your shards which you have received from disenchanting to create your own potions. You can craft 3 health potions or 3 armor potions for 30 shards each in Realm Royale, taking 30 seconds to craft.

If you don’t know how to obtain shards or disenchant items, any items or abilities on the ground can be disenchanted by pressing ‘X’ by default. Although you’ll need to check your controller settings.

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