Realm Royale: How to Heal & Get more Health

how to heal in realm royale

After getting in a fight in Realm Royale, you’re going to need to restore your health so you’re ready for the next one. In-game, your health bar can be found in the bottom left of the screen, which is the blue bar. Meanwhile, the yellow bar represents your armor.

Once your health hits 0, you die. You become a chicken where you will have a chance of reviving if the timer counts down. Some classes offer healing as a passive ability, such as the Warrior. Playing the Warrior class offers you 5 health regeneration per second.

Below, you can find our guide and methods for healing in Realm Royale. If you want to see some more guides, check out our coverage here!

Healing in Realm Royale

The most obvious way to heal in Realm Royale would be to use health potions. They restore 400 health each. Potions can be found by searching for chests and looting the bodies of any other players.

To use a health potion, press H. You can hold multiple potions at once, and use them on the spot. You can see if you have any health potions available in your inventory by checking the bottom left of the screen, just to the right of the health bar.

health potions in chests realm royale
Health potion on the ground

As well as finding potions, you can also craft them yourself at the Forge. You can craft Health Potions, Armor Potions, Armor, Class Abilities and Class Weapons by using shards which you should have received from disenchanting items.

crafting health potions
Crafting potions in the Forge

For 30 shards, you can craft 3 health potions. Crafting the health potions takes 30 seconds, with each one restoring 400 health when used. Collect shards by pressing X on items on the ground to disenchant them.


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