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GamingRealm Royale: How to use a Controller

If you aren’t a fan of using a mouse and keyboard for Realm Royale, it’s possible to use an Xbox One Controller. It’s unknown whether other controllers such as the PS4 controller work yet.

Some players would feel that playing with a controller has a lot of disadvantages and will instantly increase your chance of losing. Obviously, using a controller offers no where near the same amount of aim precision as a mouse. However you shouldn’t let this stop you, as some people just prefer controllers in general!

Realm Royale is still early into its release. It seems that you can’t change the default controls when using a controller at this current time. However with some future updates, I’m sure we’ll see this.

xbox one controllerYou can find our guide below as well as some default controls. If you want to check out some more Realm Royale guides, we have you covered here!

Setting up the Controller

To start, you’re going to need to head into the settings menu. You can do this from the home screen in Realm Royale.

Choose the ‘Controls’ tab at the top of the screen and look for the ‘Allow Controller’ button. Set this option to enabled and press the Apply button to save your changes.

On this same page, you have a few more useful options you can change such as inverting axis and changing the sensitivity. At a later date, you can hit the ‘Reset to defaults’ button at the top if you are having any problems.

enable controller realm royale
Enable the use of a controller in the settings

Next, we can take a look at the current controls for the Xbox One controller. As I mentioned before, these can’t be changed currently and you may face some issues with the game being in an early release.

You are stuck with the default ones set by Realm Royale developers. If this is changed in the future, I’ll make sure to come back and update this post! To take a look at the default controls, just head over to the Bindings tab and check the right hand column.

bindings realm royale
Bindings for the Xbox Controller

The controller scheme can be found in the right hand column. Anyhow, I’ve wrote them up for you below. Here are all of the controls for an Xbox One controller:

  • Move in all directions: Left analogue
  • Jump: A
  • Fire: Right Trigger (RT)
  • Alt Fire: Left Trigger (LT)
  • Reload: X
  • Ability 1: Y
  • Ability 2: LB
  • Armor Potion: RB
  • VGS: Right D-Pad
  • Map: Back Button (Hold)
  • Sprint: Down D-Pad
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