Realm Royale: How to use Mounts

how to use mounts in realm royale

Currently, Realm Royale is quite early into it’s release with it only hitting Steam recently. Right now, there is only one type of mount, which is the horse. Depending on the age of this post, it could be an entirely different story.

What a mount does in Realm Royale is allow you to travel faster, much faster than the speed of running. You should use your mount whenever you can, as there is pretty much no time in between mounting and dismounting.

It’s possible that in future updates, we will get a lot more different mounts, whether they are more animals or not. It’s possible that we might also see some mount skins, which will add a bit more customisation to the game. Possibly in the form of rewards or micro transactions.

Below, we’ll show you how to ride your mount and use it. Otherwise, you can check out some more Realm Royale guides here!

Using a mount

Looking at the control settings, the default key for using your mount is Z on a keyboard. It seems that there is currently no button set for a controller. At the moment, you can’t create your own controller presets, so you’re a little out of look.

Control for mountingm roya

However, you can change the key binding by going to Options > Bindings and choosing a new key. Make sure to apply your settings at the bottom. To navigate with the mount, do so normally by using WASD.


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