Realm Royale: How to use Push to Talk

realms royale how to use push to talk

There are a few options available when it comes to using Voice Chat, one of them being Push to Talk. When using Push to Talk, you are able to communicate with team mates and players in your game by holding down a certain key or button.

If you don’t wish to use push to talk, you can instead opt to use an ‘open mic’ system. This is where everything you say will be transmitted through the game no matter what.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to enable push to talk, as well as use it and configure it. If you want to check out some more guides for Realm Royale, PwrDown has you covered!

Using Push to Talk in Realm Royale

To start, make sure you’re at the main menu and press the Options button. Here, you can configure a load of options for the game such as controls, crosshair and more. We just want to look at the microphone settings, so head to the ‘Audio’ tab at the top.

push to talk realm royale
Push to talk option in the audio settings

The 3rd option from the bottom is “Use Voice Chat push to talk”, which can be set to either enabled or disabled. As stated before, if this is set to disabled, you’ll have an open microphone so you will be heard constantly.

If you don’t wish to use voice chat at all, set “Enable Voice Chat” to disabled. That way you can’t hear other players and they can’t hear you. By default, the button for using push to talk is set to T. It can be changed by heading into the Bindings tab at the top of the screen. For now, there is no push to talk preset on controllers.


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