Realm Royale: Weapons List & Guide

realm royale weapons list and guide

Realm Royale is still quite early into its release, so you can expect a lot of weapons and equipment to be added in future update. As the game currently stands, there are 6 different genre of weapons available (weapon types).

In this guide, we’re going to run you through each weapon available in a wiki like format, as well as the amount of damage given and how many shots can be fired per second.

Depending on the version of the game, this guide could be outdated. If it is, let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, we have some more guides available for Realm Royale here.


Currently, there are two types of pistols available. These are the Poison Pistol and the Revolver. Currently, the revolver is able to fire 6 bullets before it needs to be reloaded.

Poison Pistols are able to fire 1.3 shots a second, whilst the Revolver can fire 2.2 shots per second. Below, you can see the damage each pistol does.

  • Common Poison Pistol: 28 damage
  • Epic Poison Pistol: 42 damage
  • Legendary Poison Pistol: 50 damage


  • Common Revolver: 220 damage
  • Rare Revolver: 312 damage
  • Epic Revolver: 375 damage
  • Legendary Revolver: 437 damage


There is only one type of crossbow available right now, but it’s available in a few different  rarities. You are able to fire 6 times with the crossbow before needing to reload. Right now, the Crossbow can fire 1.8 times per second.

  • Common Crossbow: 300 damage
  • Rare Crossbow: 375 damage
  • Epic Crossbow: 450 damage
  • Legendary Crossbow: 525 damage


Like the crossbow, there is a single type of shotgun available with different rarities. The shotgun deals high amounts of damage. Although it can only fire once a second.

  • Common Shotgun: 500 damage
  • Rare Shotgun: 625 damage
  • Epic Shotgun: 750 damage
  • Legendary Shotgun: 875 damage


There are two different types of rifles available, the Standard Rifle and the Heirloom Rifle. The Rifle can fire 6 shots before needing to reload and fires 1.1 times per second, whilst the Heirloom can hold 8 bullets and fires 1.3 times per second.

  • Common Rifle: 400 damage
  • Epic Rifle: 600 damage
  • Legendary Rifle: 700 damage
  • Common Heirloom Rifle: 400 damage
  • Rare Heirloom Rifle: 500 damage
  • Epic Heirloom Rifle: 600 damage
  • Legendary Heirloom Rifle: 700 damage


There is a sole type of sword available, which can swing 1.3 times per second. It’s available in 4 different rarities which influences the damage dealt.

  • Common Sword: 550 damage
  • Rare Sword: 700 damage
  • Epic Sword: 850 damage
  • Legendary Sword: 1000 damage

Legendary Weapons

At the forge, you are able to craft a single legendary weapon depending on your class. Below, you can see the stats of each weapon as well as the class it requires. We have a guide available for using the forge in our Realm Royale section!

  1. Assassin: Sniper Rifle which deals 1200 damage at 1 shot per second.
  2. Engineer: Plasma Launcher which deals 800 damage at 1 shot per second.
  3. Hunter: Longbow which deals 1000 damage at 2 shots per second.
  4. Mage: Stone Spear which deals 275 damage at 1.2 shots per second.
  5. Warrior: Throwing Axe, which deals 800 damage at 0.9 shots per second.


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