Red Dead Redemption 2: Fixing the GPS & Waypoints


If you’ve played around with the radar settings (holding down on the D-Pad), it’s possible that you’ve messed something up. Specifically with way-points not working and the GPS not showing routes.

I had this problem myself recently and struggled to solve it. I wasn’t getting a GPS route to main missions which is yellow, or a custom way-point which is red.

Below, you can see our guide for fixing the minimap when it comes to setting waypoints and GPS routes. Whilst also switching the minimap to it’s default settings. Want to check out some more Red Dead Redemption 2 guides? Check our dedicated area here.

Fixing the Map

In-game, go to the main menu and head into the Settings area. From here, go into ‘Display’. Here, we can make a few changes to the minimap.

open the settings menu
Open the Settings menu

Now towards the very bottom of this screen is the ‘Radar’ section. You can choose to either restore the default settings, or do the following. Set ‘Radar’ to Regular, and ensure that GPS Route is set to On.

turn on GPS routes
Turn on GPS Routes

Now head back into game. The radar/minimap should be functional again, and you should also be able to set waypoints and have GPS routes show up again.

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