Red Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Part Two Breakdown


GamingRed Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Part Two Breakdown

After what felt like an eternity, we finally have that second gameplay video for Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s just four minutes long, but it packs quite a punch. You can check it out here.

First of all, (and it’s been said countless times before) this game looks amazing. The gameplay is almost more impressive than the cinematic trailers.

Arthur Morgan
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

“The world is full of adventures.”

To see the way things move seamlessly from dynamic gameplay to scripted moments and back is breathtaking. The physics looks flawless, the environmental detail is astounding, the facial animations are almost weirdly realistic, fabrics move organically, and everything just flows perfectly. In one scene, you can even see Arthur’s finger switch from the front trigger to the back trigger of a double-barrel shotgun.

Arthur leads his horse through the snow
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

Early on in the video, we get a good look at some train action, as well as some crazy-real snow physics. You can see how Arthur’s feet form tracks in the knee-deep snow dynamically. We also get a good look at Arthur’s beard (which grows over game-time).

“You don’t send a saint to catch a sinner.”

We hear about some of the Western-esque activities we will be partaking in as well. These include large scale heists, one of which appears to take place in the New Orleans-inspired city of Saint Denis (and features the gang in dandy, old-timey suits).

The gang robs a bank
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

Other activities include robbing trains, burgling houses, robbing bystanders and passing coaches, sticking up stores, loansharking, dueling, and hunting bounties.

Arthur rides a handcar
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

Even more, less nefarious activities we get to see include five finger fillet, poker, dominoes, fishing, herding cattle, riding a handcar, dancing, chopping wood, seeing shows, and apparently taking people for coach rides while they sing.

“Lawmen are coming.”

We get some info on the enemies and lawmen we’ll be going up against. The game will feature a similar bounty system to the previous one, where committing a crime puts a bounty on your head, and bounty hunters come looking for you. The Pinkerton agents will also investigate crimes, with a similar (albeit more sophisticated) wanted system to GTA V.

Pinkerton agents
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

Dead Eye is also making a triumphant return with some improvements. You will gain Dead Eye through stages. The first appears to just slow time. The second allows you to paint targets like the previous game. The third stage will highlight critical points on your target, like their brain, heart, and yes, testicles.

Arthur bathes
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

We see Arthur is the tub for a moment with what kinda looks like a bottle of whiskey. I’ve been bathing wrong this entire time.


One of the more interesting mechanics, at least in my opinion, that the video touches on is the idea of consequences based on your actions. They actually say in the video that people will remember you and your actions.

First-person mode
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

First-person mode is shown off as well, which looks great. Riding alongside Dutch Van der Linde in first-person, rifle drawn, just looks like an awesome experience. The reload animations in first-person look pretty smooth and realistic as well.

The cinematic camera looks like an improved version of the one we saw in GTA V, and looks to be a great way to drool on your controller over the gorgeous vistas.

“This world has its consolation.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 is shaping up to be one of the deepest and most mature video game experiences we have ever seen.

The gang
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2

The world is full of things do and people to meet, within the story and out in the open world. If one thing is absolutely certain, it’s that our free time is disappearing this fall. Check out the Gameplay Part 2 video below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 releases for PS4 and Xbox One on October 26.