Red Dead Redemption 2: Horse Out of Range & Too Far Away


One problem that you’re going to come across multiple times is your horse being out of range. Most of the time, it’s only a small distance away. However there might be a few occasions where it’s in a completely different town.

You have a few options for getting your horse back so that you can travel around the map again. And we’re going to list them below in detail. Whilst it’s a bit of an annoyance, you will be travelling again soon!

horse too far away red dead redemption 2

Below, you can check out our guide for getting your horse back in Red Dead Redemption 2. Whilst we have covered more guides for the game here.

Retrieving Your Horse

So the first thing you can do is Whistle. This will only work if your horse is in range though. You can give it a try by pressing D-Pad Up. The range your horse can hear you from increases depending on the bonding level. If the horse is out of range, then you have a few options.

Walk. You can walk a distance to where your horse can hear you. Check your map beforehand to see just where your horse is and if it’s actually worth walking to. Keep whistling and hopefully your horse will come towards you.

Head to a Stable. From a Stable, you can retrieve your horse from anywhere around the map. Just head inside, manage your horses and choose ‘Retrieve’. Your horse will then be available to ride again from that stable.

retrieve the horse
Retrieve your Horse

Rob someone else. If you come across anyone travelling a horse, you can steal theirs from them. At least to make your own way back to yours. Make sure to equip your bandana and make sure no witnesses spot you. That way, you won’t be punished by the law or have a bounty placed upon you.

Fast Travel. If you have unlocked it at camp, you can fast travel to different points around the map. At least to one which is closer to your horse. If you don’t have fast travel unlocked, you instead may want to take the train from one of the towns. You can buy a ticket from the station.

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