Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Brush Your Horse


In Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to look after your horse as best as you can. You can do this by feeding it when it’s hungry and cleaning when dirty. The only way to clean your horse when it’s dirty is by brushing it.

If you don’t look after your horse, both it’s stamina and health cores will be affected if it’s hungry or dirty. Which means your horse won’t be able to run as far and will also die easier if it takes damage.

You can use your brush at any time. Although you’ll need to complete one of the missions in Chapter 2 where you are introduced to the Stables in Valentine. Below is our quick guide for cleaning your horse, whilst we have more guides for Red Dead Redemption 2 here.

Cleaning Your Horse

As I mentioned before, you won’t be able to brush your horse until you’ve completed the stables mission in Chapter 2. In this mission, you’ll visit the stables to buy your first horse. After doing so, you’ll receive some items to help with horse care including the brush.

Occasionally, you’ll know that your horse needs brushing as you’ll see a flashing icon in the bottom left corner. This usually happens in place of the horses health core.  To brush your horse, jump off and stand near it.

horse brushing
Brush your horse

Hold L2 or Left Trigger to interact with your horse, you’ll see a load of options. Choose the ‘Brush’ option. It’s hard to tell when your horse is clean, so just do this a few times. This is also a good oppurtunity to feed your horse and pat it to help with bonding.

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