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There are so many different hats available to be worn in Red Dead Redemption 2. They can be purchased from stores and switched between in the wardrobe.

One thing that was confusing to me at first was sometimes the hat would fall off, especially when getting into combat. You can put it back on by heading into the horse satchel and equipping it again under the ‘Items’ section.

But this post is about unlocking new hats and equipping them to compliment your outfit. Below, you can find our guide for unlocking and changing hats in Red Dead Redemption 2. Whilst we have more guides for the game available here.

Changing Hats in RDR2

As I mentioned before, you can switch between hats at your wardrobe which can be found in camp. If you don’t know where it is, it’s at the foot of Arthur’s bed in the camp, which is found at the tent icon on the map.

wardrobe location in camp on map
Map showing the wardrobe location

Once you’ve found the trunk/wardrobe, interact with it to change your clothing. Once the interface has opened, choose hats.

trunk/wardrobe for changing outfits
Trunk for changing outfits

You will see a list of your owned hats. There is also the option to wear no hat at all. Some hats will have extra options such as colors, and you can also put them on your horse so you can switch between them.

owned hats available to be worn
List of owned hats in the wardrobe

Head to the general store in towns to purchase new hats. If you pick up a hat from a body or other person, it won’t be yours and will not show up in the wardrobe.

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