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In Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s possible to fast travel around the map to different locations. Although this feature is relatively unknown, and isn’t available from the start of the game.

To use the fast travel feature, you actually need to unlock it. Which costs in-game currency. An alternative to using fast travel would be by heading to a train station, buying a ticket and heading to different stations around the map.

It’s also good to know that you can retrieve your horse from any stable you see around the map. Below, we have a quick guide for fast travelling in Red Dead Redemption 2, whilst we’ve covered more guides for the game here.

Using Fast Travel in RDR2

First off, head to your camp. You need to have progressed through the first few missions to unlock it, mainly the areas in the snow. Next, open the lodger which can be found near the dollar icon in camp. Head over to the Lodging page.

First, you need to unlock ‘First things first’ for $220, which upgrades Dutch’s tent. This will provide you the option to unlock ‘Next in line’ for $325, which unlocks fast travel. So in total, the camp funds will need to be at $545 at least.

unlock fast travel
Unlock fast travel in the lodger

After unlocking, the map will be visible on the cart at Arthur’s tent. If you don’t know where that is, it’s the tent icon on the mini map at camp.

map in arthurs tent
The map will be visible in Arthur’s tent

Head over to the map and interact with it. You likely won’t have a lot of available locations at first. However, you’ll unlock more as you visit new towns.

fast travel locations
List of available fast travel locations

That’s it. You can now fast travel through the map in Red Dead Redemption 2!

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