Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Remove a Bounty


GamingRed Dead Redemption 2: How to Remove a Bounty

Committing crimes in Red Dead Redemption 2 will cause you to have a bounty placed on your head. These can be low as $5 and even go over $100 depending on the crimes committed.

Eventually, people will begin to avoid you or act differently, whilst bounty hunters will begin to hunt you down. The only way to stop this is by actually paying off the bounty yourself. Then make changes to how you play in the future.

For example, before committing a crime or robbery, disguise yourself. Do this by equipping your bandanna found in your satchel. That way, witnesses won’t have an accurate description of you. If they do, change your clothes and even shave your beard so that other citizens won’t recognize you. Dispose of any witnesses who spot you as they will tell law enforcement.

If a Bounty Hunter finds you, you can either fight them or surrender. Below, we have a quick guide for paying off your own bounties in Red Dead Redemption 2, whilst we have some more guides for the game here.

Paying Off Bounties

First off, you’ll need to head to the nearest Post Office, which can usually be found inside train stations on the outskirts of towns. It’s completely possible that you’ll be hunted by bounty hunters on your way there.

find a post office
Finding a Post Office

You can find a Post Office on the map, it has an icon that is an envelope. Head inside, and you can buy train tickets or pay off bounties by speaking to the station clerk.

pay bounty
Pay any Bounties

You will see a list of areas where you currently have a bounty on your head as well as the price. Pay it off, and you’ll be safe to explore the world again. Just make sure to follow the tips I put above!

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