Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Use the Lantern


Travelling in the night can be dangerous in Red Dead Redemption 2, especially through forests where you can’t see a thing. It’s even worse when you hear coyotes and other animals screaming.

Luckily though, there is a lantern you can use which acts as a light source. You can use it either whilst walking around, or even on your horse when running through the forests. It’s quite bright and allows you to see all of your surroundings.

You can find out how to equip the lantern below in Red Dead Redemption. If you want to check out some more content for the game, check out our dedicated area here.

Equipping and Using the Lantern

As of right now, I’m not sure whether you start with the lantern already in your satchel, or whether you get it early on in the game. Either way though, you can check below.

lantern in weapons wheel
Lantern in the weapon wheel

In-game, hold L1 or LB to open up the weapon wheel. The lantern can be found in the melee slot, the same location where your knife is. On the image above, you can see it with a red line.

You can use R2 or RT to switch through the slots where you’ll find the lantern. Release L1 or LB to equip it.

lantern equipped
Lantern in hand whilst riding a horse

Your character, Arthur will hold the lantern. You can’t equip a weapon whilst holding the lantern, and it doesn’t have any durability or condition factors.

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